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I'm SERADAM (Adamo Serinelli) and every drawing that is printed on my products is conceived, designed, handmade, digitized (and sometimes even digitally edited) exclusively by me!

I also take care of the graphics and the management of my website and social channels.

If you want to read more about me: Who am I?


Drawing is for me an instrument of expression of my deepest thoughts, of catharsis and personal fulfilment.

I hope that each of my drawings, as well as each of my prints and products in the shop, are for you an opportunity to embrace and transmit messages and teachings for a better life (that's what my art is for me).

Sometimes, unlike the Psicollection designs, I just create dreamlike or abstract graphics, which tell absurd stories without containing a precise message. With my art you will decorate your rooms or wardrobe, bringing the abstract plane of fantasy in contact with reality. :)


Each product purchased from my shop is created just for you as soon as you confirm your order. For this reason, product handling times and delivery times are a little longer than usual.

It is the policy that I and the print on-demand company with which I have decided to collaborate have embraced: to sell products only on order, as opposed to the classic mass production, so as to reduce overproduction (and consequently pollution).

So if you choose even one of my products, thank you for making this wise purchase choice!