Who am I?

Portrait SERADAM Adamo Serinelli I'm Adamo Serinelli ( aka SERADAM ), I was born in 1993 and I am Italian/Apulian. I have always been an artist but I figured it just now.
In a dark period of my life I decided to look up from the bottom where I had fallen and start a rebirth. In this journey I had the support of precious people and I discovered the "true me". I found my helpful artistic vein that I hid for some time. It's now a basic channel for me to express and reach catharsis.
So I started drawing exclusively for me just for pleasure and posting on my Instagram account @seradam_art . I reached many fans and have made some commissions.
Then I realized that I wanted to let my passion be my job, what could be better? I want to take a risk on a project of my own (which is usually very difficult for me to do).
I make pure fantasy and symbolic drawings that contain messages or stories. Unreal and surrealistic subjects. I am fascinated by the human mind and I try to capture a bit of that impetuous stream in my head (my thoughts) and bring it on paper, like a picture of my mind.
I want to enhance my skills, showing them to the world and bring art in houses and wardrobes with my style. But I want also to use my art for sharing motivational messages especially those from psychotherapy (CBT in particular) as you can see in my  Psicollection product collection.
So here I am: I've decided to create clothing, posters, canvases and accessories printed with my artwork . You can find everything in my shop by clicking --> here .
I also works on commission , if you have any request or want some info, contact me via email at seradam.art@gmail.com , or you can use the form at this link --> form .
SERADAM pastel coloring Adamo Serinelli At the moment my favourite techniques  are pencil, pastels, watercolors, markers, tempera. Supports where  I create my works are smooth and rough album sheets, cardboard of greater dimensions and thickness, canvases, etc.
Besides the manual realization of my works I often use digital graphics software when my drawing will be printed on clothes, gadgets or other supports.
But I don't wanna go further with this description of my skills, because I'm always in an experimentation phase (I don't want to put limits to my creativity ), so who knows what I'll add to my skills set in a week or a month?
Adamo Serinelli SERADAM
So I invite you again to take a tour of my --> shop and stay updated on my creations and other news by following me on Instagram --> @seradam_art .
I also share some of my updates on my Facebook page --> seradam and my Tiktok account --> @seradam_art .
I hope you like my works and my products, I put all my heart and mind into them , and I love what I do!
For any doubts or assistance for the shop, contact me via email at info@seradamart.com .
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your stay! :)
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