Size Guide

How to use the size guide:

1. Lay down a T-shirt (if you’re buying a t-shirt) or a sweatshirt (if you’re buying a sweatshirt or a hoodie) you currently wear and know fits you well on a flat surface.

2. Measure the length (A in the picture) and width (B in the picture) and compare it to the charts below. You’ll find your size in the first column on the left.

Remember, we are measuring the shirt/sweatshirt, not your body.

Remember also that measures can vary by up to 5 cm (2 in). If you have any doubts when comparing the sizes, I suggest you to choose the larger one.



Tshirt size guide SERADAM

SWEATSHIRT (Hoodies and sweaters are the same size)

sweater size guide SERADAM